Hoyle Nursery School

Chesham Fold Road, Bury, Lancashire BL9 6HR

0161 761 6822


Vision - what we hope for our children in the future.

At Hoyle Nursery School we work together to encourage the development of the whole child. We provide opportunities for the children to take an interest in their local community, celebrating diversity and learning about the wider world in which we live. We aim to develop their practical, social and emotional skills alongside being genuinely inclusive and respectful of others. Our children will develop into confident individuals and successful learners through the high quality provision that we offer.


Mission Statementwhat steps we will take to achieve our vision.


Intent - Why?

  • Our Intent is our curriculum, our plan, what we are going to teach and it is a balance between adult led and child initiated learning. Our curriculum is play-based, but far more than 'play'. It is a series of expertly guided investigations that grow from the children's own interests, which will then immerse them in the process and joy of real discovery. This will enable our learners to make progress from their individual starting points and nurture self motivation and a life long love of learning. 

Implement - How will we do this?

  • Our Implementation is our pedagogy. Its what we do and how we teach the children. It is what we do in the every day to ensure that our children make progress. It is our enabling environment, the enhancements that we provide, the group work we do, the challenges that we set, the invitations to play and the quality interactions in play. It is the range of activities that will support our children to develop and apply their knowledge and skills. 

Impact - What will we achieve?

  • Our Impact is reviewing the teaching and assessing what the children learn. This shows that we are making a difference. Our children make good progress from their starting points and we are quick to identify any gaps in learning. Impact is shown with our observations, in the children's individual learning journeys, with formative and summative assessments for each child and when discussing next steps and children's interests. The overall Impact will be that our children will be confident and educated citizens ready for the next stage of their learning journey.