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Essential Parent Programme


We are excited to tell you that as a school we now have access to the ‘Essential Parent’ website. Essential Parent is an online digital library of videos, articles and local Bury information to support you in your parenting journey.


At your request, we are able to send directly to your email address (and also a text alert that information has been sent), from a wealth of information from the website including support around topics such as Child Mental Health and Wellbeing, Sleep, Behaviour, Neurodiversity, Development and learning, Potty/Toilet training, Speech and Language and School Readiness (to name a few!)


All Essential Parent information is evidence-based and therefore a trusted source for health and parenting advice for parents / carers and professionals.


If there is anything at all, that you would like to receive support with during your child’s time in Nursery, please let us know.


Essential Parent supports you in your parenting journey from pregnancy right through to parenting teens and we are able to send information to you across this entire range.