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Physical Skills

Nursery 2 have been getting very physical going under, up, through and on different equipment. 

Walking Through the Jungle

The children have enjoyed listening to and joining in with the story. They talked about what they could see and what they might hear. They created their own movements and sounds like the animals in the book. The children then created some wonderful pictures using the colours of the animals and the jungle. 

Tales Toolkit - Introducing our Shuffle Book 

This week Katy introduced the Tales Toolkit Shuffle Book to the children. This is a fabulous resource that the children can use as an alternative to our Big Bags for creating their own stories.

In our first story the children chose a dog as the character. The setting was a birthday party for the dog. The problem (der! der! der!) was a crocodile who came to spoil the party by tipping things over and breaking them. The solution was Elsa. She used her magic powers to freeze the crocodile and stop him.

Well Done Nursery 2. We can't wait to hear some more of your Shuffle Book stories.   

Learning New Skills and Learning Together

Our children in Nursery 2 have been learning how to take turns and share with their friends. They have enjoyed working together and having fun exploring different learning opportunities. 

Bird themed Tales Toolkit Story 

To coincide with the RSPB Big School's Bird watch, the children have been creating their own Tales Toolkit bird stories. We had a robin in the character bag, a nest as our setting, some eggs were in the problem bag and a blue tit was the solution. What story do you think you could make using these props? 

 Christmas has arrived in Nursery. The children in N2 have made gingerbread men to decorate the tree in the entrance, made Christmas pictures, worn Christmas jumpers, decorated bicuits for our Christmas Fair and explored new language to describe different winter animals, colours and textures.

Making Friends

Building relationships in Nursery is an important aspect of our day. Our children learn how to respect, understand the needs of others, control their emotions, build empathy and develop positive social interactions.

Tales Toolkit - A Mark Making Story

This week we created a special Tales Toolkit story where the children were encouraged to mark make in response to what was happening in the story. The children use their felt tips to show the big jumps or little jumps the frog was making. They made marks to show him dancing at the party. They drew circles that got bigger and bigger just like our balloon until it went ....bang! 

Tales Toolkit

We have introduced 'Tales Toolkit' in both N2 and N3. It is a fabulous resource which supports the children in creating their own stories. We used our 4 big bags to introduce the children to the 'Character', 'Setting', 'Problem' and 'Solution'. As you can see from our photographs the stories are lots of fun! There are songs, actions, silly voices and exciting resources to engage and motivate the children. 

Road Safety

We have continued learning about Road Safety and have made marks with the cars to create road marking. We talked about holding hands to cross the road and made a path outside in our garden. We had a green man light and walked across safely. We drove our bikes along the road which we made and waited when we saw a red light and set off again when we saw a green light.

The children have had a lovely week in Nursery - learning all about how to care for our ducklings, joining in with music sessions, problem solving and early maths skills, mark making, building, role play, using tools, Forest School sessions and having lots of fun.

Spring Term 

What a busy fun filled half term we have had. We have been reading lots of different stories and learning new words, building, counting and sorting shapes, being creative in many ways and developing independence and social skills.

What a fabulous half term we have had and so much learning!

This week the children have enjoyed painting on tin foil, listened to the story of 'Spot the Dog' and used props to recreate some of the events, looked at different shapes and explored making different marks.


Welcome back to our Nursery 2 children who have had a lovely week.

They have enjoyed playing outside, climbing, playing with the dough, role play, looking at books, making marks and making new friends.