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Woodwork - Sawing Skills

The children have now been introduced to saws in our woodwork area. They have been learning to cut pieces of wood, which is building their hand strength, developing their hand-eye coordination and improving their concentration skills.  .

Making Gingerbread

After reading the story of 'The Gingerbread Man', the children followed a recipe to make a salt dough gingerbread man to hang on the Nursery Christmas tree. They counted out and measured all of their own ingredients before using a cookie cutter and then decorating their gingerbread man.   

Story Wow! - The Gingerbread Man

This half term we are reading the traditional story of 'The Gingerbread Man'. We have explored different objects from the story and read the story at group time. We thought the ginger smelt very spicy! We have been using our story tray to retell the story using the props.   

Betty the Bulldog

We had the pleasure of another adorable puppy visiting at Hoyle today. The beautiful Betty, owned by a member of staff, came to brighten up a cold wet morning. As you can see she put big smiles onto our faces. We loved our cuddles and hope Betty comes to visit again soon. 

Tales Toolkit - Road Safety Week

We used our big bags to create a Tales Toolkit story which encouraged the children to think about how to cross the road safely. 

Puppy Visit

The children in Nursery 3 had a wonderful surprise visit today from a beautiful French Bulldog Puppy called Nevada. Nevada belongs to one of our Nursery children. The children were very excited to meet her and loved the opportunity to give her a stroke or a cuddle. We would love her to come and visit us again so that we can watch her as she grows bigger. As you can see the Nursery staff loved her too! 

A bonfire themed Tales Toolkit story

This week our Tales Toolkit big bags contained a firework picture and a bonfire picture. The children enjoyed using these as part of their story making. 


Woodwork Area

The children are really enjoying using our woodwork area. They have been shown how to use the equipment safely and have been developing their skills in using a hammer and nails. Some children also painted their wooden models.  

A balloon themed Tales Toolkit story 

This week we created a story about a jumping frog. The frog went to a party, where he ate candy, carrots and cake! There was a big problem. The frog was playing with a balloon and it blew away. Luckily we had a solution, a big bear came to the rescue and he found the balloon and gave it back to the frog. 

The frog lived happily ever after.  

Black History Month

October is Black History Month. Hoyle Nursery have been taking part in this national event which includes elements of celebration, recognition and reflection. We have been listening to some of Bob Marley's fabulous music and joining in with some singing, dancing and drumming.  

Achievosaur Dinosaurs

To help the children understand the 'Characteristics of Effective Learning' and the different ways that they and their friends play, we have introduced our 'Achievosaur Gang'. These are a set of dinosaurs which each reflect a different characteristic. There are 9 dinosaurs that the children will be introduced to throughout the year. The children were very excited when our first dinosaur, the 'Explorasaur Dinosaur' hatched from the egg. The children were awarded Explorasaur stickers if they were seen exploring activities and resources in our indoor or outdoor areas during play. 

Tales Toolkit

We have introduced 'Tales Toolkit' in both N2 and N3. It is a fabulous resource which supports the children in creating their own stories. We used our 4 big bags to introduce the children to the 'Character', 'Setting', 'Problem' and 'Solution'. As you can see from our photographs the stories are lots of fun! There are songs, actions, silly voices and exciting resources to engage and motivate the children.  

Roald Dahl Day

To celebrate the work of one of the most cherished storytellers, we held a 'Roald Dahl Day'. We made delicious chocolate crispy cakes, before using our Wonka Golden Ticket, to watch the chocolate room scene from the film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.   

Fine Motor Development

Weaving, threading and sewing requires strong finger muscles and good co-ordination. In support of their fine motor development, our children first strengthen their gross motor systems, building core muscles and shoulder strength to be able to keep their arms stable. For example, climbing, throwing balls, weaving and mixing. This helps build the muscles children need to pinch a needle or use a pencil for writing. Practising using our finger muscles like this helps children to pick up and move small objects, take things apart and put things together, and later it will help them grip and move a pencil well when they write.


Learning about mathematical concepts and number is all around us. This week in Forest School the children have been using lots of different language associated with maths - heavy, light, more, less, in, on, and under. The children also made a fruit salad for their snack and counted the pieces as they cut the fruits. 

Forest School

The children have enjoyed their sessions in Forest School this week. They have been making natural flower pictures, used their senses to explore, worked as a team helping friends, used different tools, extended their interests - (the children enjoyed watching the horses during the King's Coronation and wanted to recreate the experience by making horses), problem solving, making dens, balancing on the wood and overall having lots of fun.


We have been learning how to use all the equipment in our Woodwork Area. We can now use the drill, saw, vice and hammers safely and we have enjoyed designing, making and painting our models.

Spring Term 1

What a wonderful half term we have had! We have been learning how to use the different tools in the woodwork area and we made our own Christmas tree. We have been mark making, measuring, making shapes, baking, counting, exploring outside and making memories with our friends. 

What a fabulous half term we have had and we have learnt so much!

Our children love going on the 'Woodland Walk' every week. They explore the woods and nature, find exciting bits and pieces and experience the different seasons. We are so lucky to have this on our doorstep. 

Autumn Term

Welcome back to all our Nursery 3 children who have had a lovely week.

They have enjoyed making dough, painting, building, dancing, making music, playing outside, doing science experiments, reading stories, making new friends and having fun.